POST LicenseRequest   Purpose

This command can be used by a (prospective) Licensee to request a licence from a (prospective)  Licensor.

The (prospective) Licensee will call, after appropriate authentication if needed, the Web Service address previously agreed between a (prospective) Licensee and a (prospective) Licensor with a LicenseRequestMessage.    Syntax of Reply

The web server shall return one of the following standard HTTP status codes with their standard HTTP response code semantics:

  • 200 (OK);

  • 202 (Request accepted);

  • 400 (Bad request);

  • 401 (Unauthorised);

  • 404 (Not found);

  • 503 (Service unavailable due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server); and

  • 500 (Internal server error)

Other standard HTTP status codes may be used on bilateral agreement between a (prospective) Licensee and a (prospective) Licensor.

If the HTTP status codes is 200, the web server shall also return to the calling Web Service client an XML document containing a valid LicenseMessage.

When used in an asymmetric choreography, a HTTP status code of 202 indicates that the Licensor's Web Service will, in due course, be able to communicate a licence via an Atom feed to the Licensee.

The LicenseMessage can communicate the grant of a licence request as well as the rejection of a licence request.