5.3.3 Symmetric Choreography

The process of symmetric communication between a (prospective) Licensee and a (prospective) Licensor contains theses steps:

  • The (prospective) Licensee calls the Web Service endpoint published by the (prospective) Licensor using the POST LicenseRequest call with a LicenseRequestMessage;

  • The (prospective) Licensor replies to this call with a LicenseMessage (if it has all the information, although this is not shown in the diagram below) or a HTTP status code which informs the (prospective) Licensee that the information will be provided at a later stage;

  • For each licence request that has not been fulfilled immediately, the (prospective) Licensor can call the (prospective) Licensee POST License Web Service endpoint with the requested LicenseMessage once it has assembled the information; and

  • A Licensor can call the same Web Service end point to communicate a LicenseRevocationMessage.

Theses steps are depicted below.

It is also possible to use this choreography in a set-up where the communication between Licensee and Licensor is facilitated by an intermediary. In such cases, the intermediary would communicate with the Licensee as if it were a Licensor. Similarly, the intermediary would communicate with the Licensor as if it were a Licensee.